Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The dubious ethics (Clear corruption?) of UKIP!

The dubious ethics (Clear corruption?) of UKIP!
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
The dubious ethics (Clear corruption?) of Godfrey Bloom a UKIP MEP!

Let us not forget UKIP members voted overwhelmingly AGAINST UKIP being a part of any Pan EU Political Party Grouping!

Godfrey Bloom, in utter contempt for members is founder & President of one such group & member of another similar!

Nigel Farage is also presiding over a near identical extremist group of racists, anti Islamic, anti homosexual, anti Jewish EU MEPs!

supplied by Geoffrey Collier:
Pan European Alliance for Freedom..

Godfrey Bloom. MEP.
European Alliance for Freedom.
The Loft.
Vicarage Cottage.
Yorkshire YO8 6ET.

supplied by Barbara Booker:

Further to this, it's interesting what a little trawling around on google brings floating to the surface:

Although Godfrey Bloom states on his website that his secretary is his wife's niece, he is rather less transparent about Vicarage Cottage, Selby. Prior to her death last year, this was the address of his mother-in-law! http://company-director-check.co.uk/director/900301174

Jane Collins does not have any obvious qualifications or experience for her job as Godfrey's political agent and regional organiser, but she does have some twenty years' friendship with Mrs Bloom that includes being Katie's former yard manager and fellow celebrity in the hunting field!

Eric Richards is on Godfrey's staff as an assistant. Coincidentally, the think tank associated with the EAF, the European Foundation for Freedom, also has a treasurer named Eric Richards.

During UKIP's PEP consultation last year the 'YES' campaign posted to its website a memo from Godfrey Bloom re his having joined such a party, and claiming that one of the benefits was, "We have initiated a fabulous youth programme, details attached which is beyond anything on offer from any other party. Two youngsters embark upon it on 1st August". The young people were not named, nor is there any reference to this training programme on the EAF website, but I see that UKIP has an intern, Peter Massie, who works for them at the European parliament

Would Mr Massie be one of the trainees whose out of pocket expenses have apparently been met for a two week diploma course at the Von Mises Institute in Alabama?

If so, I guess the other trainee enjoying the benefits of the Youth Programme may have been his friend from Newcastle University, Richard Skowronek? Both were photographed with Godfrey Bloom on his recent lecture tour of America, where he gave a speech at the Mises Institute

Richard Skowronek is, of course, the brother of Bloom's secretary Victoria, the nephew of Mrs Bloom, and the grandson of the lady who used to live in the cottage which is the UK office of the European Alliance for Freedom. 

My thanks to Barbara Booker and Geoffrey Collier for the supply of this information, also to the many other UKIP members and non members who supply so much factual information as they wish to see UKIP cleaned up to make it ethically acceptable to vote for and fit for purpose or closed down, due to its undeniable endemic corruption and lack of ethics.

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